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Shopping during the day or going to the beach and then a fun night out? Whether you like the trendiest clubs, a relaxed atmosphere in the beach clubs or if you prefer a quiet evening at the cinema or on the promenade: it is all possible in Dubai! For the most vigorous clubbers to families, there are lots of options for a fun night out in Dubai!

Relax around Dubai Marina or Dubai Mall

Many people go to Dubai Marina in the evening, where you will find a promenade of 7 kilometers with numerous restaurants. You can stroll along the promenade and have something to eat or drink, but you won’t find real nightlife here. Still you can have a great night out with friends in one of the lounge bars or shisha bars. Also in and around the Dubai Mall it always gets very busy in the evening, because the shops are open until late. You can also enjoy the Dubai fountain and the light show at the Burj Khalifa next to the Dubai Mall. In this area you will find many restaurants with a view on the water, so that you can enjoy the fountain show while eating. This is the ideal option for a romantic night out!

To the cinema in Dubai

If you prefer a quiet night out you can visit one of the cinemas in Dubai. The cinemas are mainly located in the shopping malls and there are quite a few of them in Dubai. You will find a large selection of the latest films from Hollywood, but also from Bollywood in the cinemas in Dubai. The cinemas are modern and you can also go for 4D movies or in some cinemas have food and drinks delivered to your seat. The films are shown in the original language and often subtitled in French or Arabic. Read more about the best cinemas in Dubai and a night out to the movies on our page about cinemas in Dubai.

Going out in one of the beach clubs

If you spent the whole day on one of the beaches of Dubai and don’t want to go back to your hotel to change clothes, there’s no better place to go out than Dubai’s beach clubs. Even if you do not come from the beach it is great to go to one of the beach clubs for a fun night out. Usually a DJ starts playing in the afternoon till late in the evening. It is not necessary to dress formal, but you can step into a relaxed atmosphere. Check our page about beach clubs in Dubai to read what are the best beach clubs to visit.

Clubs and bars in Dubai

Visit one of the clubs and bars in Dubai if you are looking for a real good night out! Dubai does not really have nightlife areas and therefore you have to decide in advance where you would like to go. Most clubs and bars are located in the big hotels and often they have a license to serve alcohol. There are regular performances by international artists and DJs and therefore it is advisable to check the nightlife agenda in advance. Please note that the door policy of many clubs and bars in Dubai is very strict and that you might not be allowed to enter if you are under-dressed. Find out what are the best clubs and bare for a good night out on our page about clubs and bars in Dubai.

Gambling in Dubai

Unlike many other major cities in the world casinos are forbidden in Dubai. This also applies to cruise ships where it is not allowed to gamble during the stay in Dubai. Betting on sport events such as horse racing is also illegal, even if it does occur. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives for a fun night out in Dubai!