Dubai taxis take you to any corner of the city

When you visit Dubai, the main form of transportation remains the cab. Although monorails and buses are alternatives, taxis are able to take you to any corner of the city that you desire. One of the largest providers is Dubai Taxi. This company is regulated by the government in order to provide safe and reliable transportation to locals and tourists alike. Generally, you’ll find the highest concentration of taxis near the airport. If you stay at a Dubai hotel, you’ll also have regular taxi access near the front door. However, more remote locations around the city might require a waiting time to find a cab. Call a taxi whenever you’re in need of a ride, and ask them about their estimated time of arrival. Communication is the key to a smooth ride throughout Dubai’s vast streets.

How to get a taxi in Dubai

Most taxis don’t have marked stops for their city rounds. You’ll have to contact the company whenever you need a ride. They’ll respond to almost any location in the main city region. An old-fashioned telephone call is always reliable, but you can also text the company too. Both of these communication pathways should be met with some response from the dispatch or driver. For the tech-savvy traveler, download Dubai taxi’s smartphone app. With a tap and swipe of your device, you can hail a taxi to your location in no time.

Make sure to get an official taxi

In Dubai, there are some questionable drivers in unmarked vehicles. Although they market themselves as taxis, don’t take the ride. Dubai Taxi only offers vehicles with a cream exterior color and a red rooftop. These vehicles are legal, taxi drivers who you can trust for a fair, vehicle fare. They’ve chosen this color because it stands out along Dubai roadways. There are other taxi companies that have the cream-color body, but the roof is a different color. Simply look for the red rooftop, and you have an authentic Dubai taxi.

Prepare yourself before the ride

When you travel around your town, you might use street names and numeric addresses to direct a cab driver. However, Dubai drivers have a more localized way of finding their destinations. Before you hop in the taxi, be sure to have a map of Dubai. Use the map to tell the driver about landmarks around your destination. You might want to visit a restaurant near a well-known museum. Tell the driver that your destination is the museum, and you’ll be on your way to the location in no time.

No need to check the meter of official taxis

If you’ve ever encountered a taxi in the past with a broken meter, you understand how frustrating that experience is because there’s no accurate way to account for your trip. With Dubai Taxi, every meter will always work when you enter the vehicle. This fact reflects the professionalism of the company, and you’ll know that the cab is a legal and legitimate entity. To verify if the meter is good when you enter the vehicle, simply look at the display. It should show a zero for the beginning of your route.

Pink taxis for women

Dubai taxis are usually driven by men, but you can request a woman driver by asking for a pink taxi. Women and young girls might feel more comfortable with a woman driver in some cases. At Dubai Taxi, the responding vehicle will still have a cream-colored body, but the rooftop will be pink. This color tone tells you right away that the vehicle is legitimate and driven by a woman.

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