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Pearl Museum

View the world's largest collections of salt-water pearls and learn about colourful history of pearl divers.

cat-icon 10 Beniyas Rd, Dubai

Museum of the Future

In het Museum of the Future kun je uitvindingen en prototypen zien die je waarschijnlijk in de toekomst in het dagelijkse leven tegenkomt.

cat-icon Trade Centre 2, Dubai

Horse Museum

Learn everything you need to know about the Arabian stallions history.

Etihad Museum

Leer alles over de geschiedenis van de Verenigde Arabische Emiraten in dit museum.

cat-icon 1 Jumeirah St, Dubai

Dubai Museum

In het Dubai museum kun je van alles leren over de historie van Dubai en het oude Al Fahidi Fort uit 1787 bezoeken.

Coin Museum Bur Dubai

A small eight-room museum which presents nearly 500 rare coins from throughout the Middle East.

cat-icon Dubai Heritage Village, Bur Dubai

Coffee Museum

Learn about the importance of coffee in different cultures in this cute private museum.

cat-icon Villa 44, Al Fahidi, Dubai

Camel Museum

Get to know the close relationship between camels and the citizens of Dubai and how they use them.

cat-icon Al Shandagha, Dubai