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Waterfront Promenade Dubai

Stroll along the Waterfront Promenade at the Dubai Mall with its many restaurants and stunning views

The World

A collection of 300 man made islands in the shape of the continents look like the world from above.

The Walk

Stroll along this bustling waterfront promenade in the heart of Jumeirah Beach with many good restau

The Beach

Feel the sand between your toes at the Beach before shopping, dining or visiting one of the markets.


A themed shopping and restaurants area which you can visit for free

cat-icon Dubai - Verenigde Arabische Emiraten

Palm Jumeirah

These man-made islands called Palm Jumeirah look like a stylised palm tree from above and were calle

Jumeirah Mosque

The stunning Jumeirah Mosque is one of Dubai's landmarks and probably the most photographed mosque o

cat-icon Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai

Dubai Marina

A man-made marina surrounded by skyscrapers and a long promenade with lots of restaurants, shops and

cat-icon Dubai Marina, Dubai

Dubai Creek Tower

The tallest observation tower in the world will open in 2021!

cat-icon Dubai Creek Tower, Dubai

Dubai Creek

Visit old Dubai, take a boat tour on the creek and visit the souks!