Cayan Tower

Being astounded by all of the grand architecture in Dubai is natural for visitors, and that wonderment continues when you take a glance at the Cayan Tower. This structure may not be the tallest in the land at 73 floors, but it’s the most unusual. In fact, the entire structure is twisted upward into almost a coil shape. Visiting the tower is the only way to really appreciate its design and innovation.

Twisted Brilliance

The Cayan Tower may appear to be off-balance as you gaze up at it, but it’s actually entirely stable based on precise measurements. After setting the ground floor, each subsequent floor was adjusted about one degree off from 90 degrees. As the tower grew upward, this one-degree adjustment slowly twisted the building as a whole. When you compare the tower’s base to its peak, you’ll notice that a complete 90-degree twist was achieved with innovative design and construction strategies.

The Hidden Core

The building’s floor plan can be twisted, but the utilities aren’t so versatile. Architects took this fact seriously, and they devised a unique design to safely house all utilities, including plumbing, electricity and gas lines. In the center of the building is a reinforced concrete core. Acting as a conduit, this core is full of every utility that supports the more than 400 luxury apartments in the tower. No wires, hoses or pipes are bent at unusual angles, which contributes to reliable utilities across the entire structure.

Wind Flow Concerns

When any building is designed, wind-flow patterns in the area must be analyzed. If the tower was straight, it would need to have a different orientation toward the Persian Gulf. Because the tower has a twisted configuration, wind can be directed across the exterior surfaces and around the structure. The tower isn’t a sail that’s at the mercy of the winds, but it’s a weather vane that moves air away from the structure.

Unparalleled Views

Because of the twisted design, the tower offers residents some unique views of the city and Gulf. When the apartments were first being sold, the views were analyzed by investors. Depending on the chosen apartment, you might have two views from one window. The city remains on the left with the glassy Gulf to the right. As a result, the views give the apartments a high property value during selling periods.

Varied Apartment Sizes

The Cayan Tower doesn’t have a grid layout that’s similar to other standard skyscrapers. Because of the unusual, structural shape, each apartment has a slightly different layout and square footage. The apartments near the building’s center point, for example, have a slightly larger size. Buyers have a choice of small studios or duplexes that contain three bedrooms or more. In most cases, the apartments are more expensive as you reach the peak of the building.

Renting a Room

Apartment sales are possible throughout the year at the Cayan Tower, but visitors may only want a short-term stay. Rentals are possible within the building based on the owners’ desires. Look through local listings, and book an apartment for a weekend or entire week. You’ll be able to look out of the twisted windows and be amazed at the skyline around you.

Visit the Cayan tower

Although many tourists want to climb the twisted tower, it is technically a residential building. However, the best views of the building are actually from afar. When you walk on the Dubai Marina walk, the promenade of the Dubai Marina, you have a beautiful view of the Cayan tower and you can take beautiful pictures. Especially in the evening the tower is spectacularly illuminated and you can take the best pictures!

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